Despite the abundance of information online, many still are not well versed in sports nutrition. Lack of awareness often leads to the development of fears and believing in legends.
In the female environment, these legends have a slightly different focus than men's, but they are no less interesting and unfounded. In this article I will try to introduce some system into knowledge about the key sports nutrition products, and dispel some fears.

For convenience, I will break the article into 3 parts. In the first of them will talk about the most commonly used supplements in the weight, the second - in fat loss in drying, in the third - about the additives that are designed to preserve health or to increase the effectiveness of training at any stage of training.

Additives used during the period of weight loss.

Additives used during the period of weight loss

If the purpose of your work is slimming, at the forefront of burning fat, not muscle mass. When losing weight, especially sharp, it is important to preserve what already have muscular system, protecting it from catabolic processes. At the same time to produce weight loss (i.e., stimulate catabolic decay) and increasing the volume of muscles (i.e., stimulate the anabolic process of growth) will not work. Here come to the fore supplements that promote fat mobilization and its subsequent burning in the mitochondria, and supplements, designed to save from destruction of muscle tissue.

Fat burners. These supplements come in single-component and multicomponent. Their main feature is that they do NOT WORK by themselves. In the case of a proper diet and exercise program (mnogoobraznye load+cardio) these products help to "get it" and transport components of the adipose tissue to the mitochondria for disposal. However, if the body has other sources of energy in large amounts (carbohydrates), then discard the fat, there is no need, therefore, without diet, there is no reason to use a fat burner. The same with training. If the body is not necessary to provide additional fuel, the fat will lie dormant. Another issue that preoccupies many possible side effects and harm to health. If initially you don't have problems with cardiovascular and digestive system, these additives will not harm your health when properly used (adherence to guidelines for the use of the drug). Here also it makes sense to focus on their own feelings - if you do product bad, it makes no sense to force yourself - try another. It is necessary to say about the "standard" feeling from taking fat burners: sensation of heat, maybe a slight increase in resting heart rate and increased heart rate more than usual in training (feelings depend on the composition of the product). People with initial problems with pressure, these drugs can aggravate the problem (at least at the time of admission) in one way or another. The most safe and "soft" women are traditionally considered l-carnitine. Robocast or nerabotaet it for fat burning need to check on her, as someone said about a noticeable effect, but someone is about zero. Usually for weight-loss should proceed with dosage of about 3 grams per day, divided into 2 doses. The manufacturers ' recommendations on banks differ from each other quite strongly, so again, in terms of dosages need to choose for themselves, plus or minus a gram can work for you better than the standard recommendations from the product packaging. By itself, carnitine is good for the heart, so even in the case of not detecting the fat burning effect, will not be harmful, rather the opposite. Multicomponent fat burner (Lipo6x, Oxyelite and many others) usually have a more pronounced effect. However, because of the mix of components may be suitable not for everyone (you need to look on health). What is "better" or "worse" among those preparations, which at the hearing at all, you will have to look at your personal wellbeing and feelings, mostly because the only clear "leader" in effectiveness among these drugs difficult to distinguish (so no need for the umpteenth time to ask, which of these fat burners better, try. Start with any of them).

BCAAs. If burning fat you are concerned about the safety of your muscles, intake of these amino acids is fundamental. On drying they are especially important in terms of depletion of glycogen stores come to the fore in provision of muscle energy (which in the absence of these amino acids from outside the body will be taken by burning of BCAAs from muscle proteins). About the dosage written in the previous part of the article.

Unsaturated fatty acids (Flaxseed oil or fish oil). A common problem, which girls do not pay attention to when losing weight is the fat content of the diet. Moreover, many deliberately do not eat fats, naively believing that they are responsible for accumulation of fat reserves of the body. And the result is deprived of normal skin, hair and nails, as well as fat-soluble vitamins (A and E). In fact, it is extremely important to get enough fat on drying. And mostly it must be a vegetable unsaturated fats. If you don't have the opportunity or desire every day to get a couple-three tablespoons of unrefined vegetable oil (preferably flax) and do not eat enough fat with food, you must employ unsaturated fatty acids in the form of food supplements.

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Protein shakes. On drying become important sources of calories in the principle protein in particular, when a low carbohydrate diet is consumed in increased amounts.