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What are the signs of overtraining exist? This question is often left without proper attention from bodybuilders, however, overtraining has been, is and will be the worst enemy of the bodybuilder.

Penetranions occurs due to training beyond the recovery abilities of the organism.

Permredirect you can earn as follows:

To train too often;

Constantly increase the intensity of the training;

Hard training without the proper support of the body proper nutrition and sufficient sleep;

The main symptoms of overtraining:


The imbalance of sugar in the blood;

The imbalance of hormones;



Rapid heart rate;



Reluctance to go to the gym;

The deterioration of results in the sport

Only when I started bodybuilding, and I had no idea that it is possible to overtrain. I thought that the more you do it,the effect will be and the more. But the daily heavy and completely futile exercise got me thinking about why I don't grow. But the solution was very simple – often by a lot. Moreover, the signs of over-training made itself felt, but I didn't pay any attention, because could even think of such a thing as overtraining.

Many people still think that muscle growth occurs during training and the more time you spend in the gym, the better for progress. Although this is absolutely not the case. We grow just during the holidays, our muscles recover during sleep, and many people sleep is just not enough, so they are treading water, blaming their genetics and all that without steroids it is impossible to pump up the big muscles.

Give the body time to grow and enjoy a rewarding idleness on the couch.

While you will go about your business, your body too will go about their, that is, to restore and increase your muscles. So in any case do not drive yourself to the point of overtraining.

I wish you never experience the signs of overtraining and to engage in progressive!