Sauna after a workout: for and against

Sauna after a workout: for and against

Doctors and athletic trainers have been divided into two camps. Some strongly recommended after a workout to go to the sauna, where you can expel all the toxins accumulated harmful toxins. Others believe that the change of temperature is a huge strain on the heart. Let's see what is in this case, the benefits and the harm of the sauna.


  • Mental satisfaction
  • Sauna after a workout and at any other time causes the effect of hardening, as high temperature is a stress to which the body is forced to produce adaptation.
  • Sauna promotes blood circulation, thereby recovering muscle tone after the training process,remove lactic acid from muscles, which accumulate during physical activity.

Controversial and negative sides:

  • In the sauna, the athlete is subjected to additional stress, in this connection, strongly produced catabolic hormone that destroys muscle. Therefore, the feasibility of the hike in the sauna or steam bath after a workout is very questionable.
  • Fat burning - high temperature slightly accelerates the metabolism, so the weight loss is not by fat, but due to fluid removal. Thus, the sauna after a workout can lead to dehydration, which will only slow the recovery.
  • The excretion of electrolytes
  • Weights and cardio training pose a significant burden on the heart. In the sauna and the bath due to the expansion of blood vessels the heart begins to contract more intensely. All this together can cause an overload of the heart.
  • Cleanse is a pseudoscientific notion which is denied by modern medicine. Excretion of toxins, etc. is absolutely not justified and not proven. The maximum you will get is the placebo effect and hardening.
  • The sauna after a workout creates an obstacle for normal supply. After the lesson, you need 1-2 hours to eat, to fill the shortage of nutrients and to start the anabolic processes in the muscles. It is obvious that a normal meal for most bodybuilders is possible only at home.

Conclusion: Sauna and bath it is better to take rest days, whereas after a workout, it is preferable to take a shower or warm bath.

But a contrast shower after a workout will be helpful!

A contrast shower is a very useful procedure. Under heat, the pores open, blood vessels begin to expand, from the body out out toxins. And sudden exposure to cold causes pores to Sujata. Thanks to this contrast the skin is purified and becomes smooth. In contrast washing your face you can not
use soap, or apply it at most once a week.

Alternating heat and cold strengthens blood vessels whose walls become elastic; blood circulation is enhanced, blood stasis is absorbed. Aktiviziruyutsya metabolism, strengthens the immune system. Alternating irritation tactile, cold and heat receptors stimulates the nervous system and normalizes the activity of the endocrine system, activates the redox reactions!