Strength training for fat loss! Time for a change!

Strength training for fat loss!

Treadmills, bicycles... Oh them! If you want to get rid of excess fat, you out the barbell and dumbbells. The main thing is to train correctly!

Hard work

Usually training on the terrain includes a large number of repetitions. This is due to the fact that the more work you perform, the more energy you expend. But not so simple. It turns out that sets with few repetitions have a greater "fat burning" effect. The fact that the work in the power mode (3-7 reps) acts on the body shocking, forcing her to speed up all metabolic processes, including fat burning. Even after a workout your body is "recovering" from the stress, continues to spend calories to recover.

Easy job

Easy workouts also have their advantages in the process of weight loss. If Mesopotamia" sets are good because the fat burning process continues after lessons, it is easy to work with a large number of repetitions (15-25) burns a lot of calories during the process. You will find a middle ground in combining the two types of loads. Perform each exercise four approaches. The first two heavy, two light. Or series of the principles of the load each workout: today is hard, tomorrow is easier.

To rest — 30 seconds

It is the short rest between sets, increase calorie consumption by half, compared with the rest in 2-3 minutes. Reduce the interval between sets, and get a accelerated twice as "fat loss"!

Don't spare yourself

Forced repetitions, static hold the weight, repetitions to failure... This is not just ways to tire your muscles. Such intensive work causes an increase in growth hormone levels by 300%. But growth hormone has a powerful "fat-burning" effect.

Basic principles

Working with free weights in basic exercises you include in a job maximum number of muscle fibers. The body is forced to maintain a balance, keeping free weight. You will not achieve, working in the gym where the body is stable. And the more muscles you work, the greater the power consumption and, consequently, fat loss.

Be on the wave

Music that inspires you to feats, add to your approach 2-3 extra repetition. It should not be just a "loud" or "downhole" music, and exactly what you like. Make a training playlist for yourself and increase the intensity of are guaranteed. This will lead to progress in the "fat burning".