The most popular protein products

The most popular protein products

Foods that contain protein are an essential part of human nutrition. They act as a kind of "building blocks" required by the body for building and updating muscles, and contribute to the production of enzymes, for this reason, foods that contain protein in their composition should be present in the diet.

The amino acid deficiency affects the growth and development of the child, and for the people that are associated with intensive physical exercise, it is vital to intake adequate amount of protein. Easily digested proteins, when ingested, quickly enter the blood. The need for protein depends on the individual, largely depends on weight, height, load and condition of the body as a whole. Especially important is the mandatory presence in the menu of essential amino acids because they are produced in the body, both interchangeable. We will talk about what foods contain protein.

Protein in food is divided into complete, which is in foods of animal origin and inferior, which enters the body from food of plant origin. The whey protein is also very different. In the Eastern countries products, protein-containing animal nature consume little, but more centenarians than in other regions of the country. If you take the average, the daily need to consume 50 - 100 grams of protein, if you divide this amount into three meals, it becomes clear that it's not much. Determine what foods a lot of protein. The daily norm of protein contains a piece of beef weighing 250 grams. Vegetarians, in order to replenish the supply of amino acids, you must eat more voluminous portions as in legumes, sprouted grains, and curd protein is much less, and besides you need to remember that it is defective.

Now we will tell you what foods more protein

What foods contain protein

Now we will tell you what foods more protein.

Eggs - a product with high protein content. They protein 17%, it is well absorbed. Standard two eggs weigh about one hundred grams, therefore you get 17 grams of protein for muscle building. Eggs suggest to eat after a workout because they are low calorie and do not lead to the formation of fat.

Cheese. Protein 14-18%. continue the conversation about what products a lot of protein. For easy absorption you can mix cottage cheese with kefir or yogurt and add sugar as it helps the digestion.

Cheese. It contains 30% protein. You should consider that it is high in calories, for this reason, it is preferable to include it in your meals just before exercise, then the excess calories get burned in the process of training.

Bird, where protein content is high. It is 15-20% protein. Meat is an excellent product that contains high percentage of protein, thus it is well absorbed and is low in calories, that allows to include it in the diet.

Beef. These products contain approximately 25% protein. It is preferable to drink boiled or stewed, for ingestion it is better to take beef aged one to two years, as this product is most valuable in nutritional attitude and has good taste.

The liver. It is 25% protein. These products with high protein content acceptable cost, has a high percentage of protein. Food recommended to use in stews or as a paste.

Fish. Continuing the conversation about which foods contain protein, let's talk about fish. It 15-25% protein, depending. The product itself is a diet, also rich in protein, well-absorbed, and not oily varieties of fish can be eaten even in the afternoon. Most protein contains these types of fish like tuna, salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, Pollock, mullet.

Soy. It also refers to foods that are high in protein. In her 14% protein. It is the belkovosoderzhaschih product of plant origin. To date, it produces a lot of food that act as a substitute for meat products. It is preferable to use soy as a side dish because the meat has a large amount of protein and replace it with soy, it makes no sense.

Brussels sprouts as a product that contains a lot of protein. It is 9% protein. It has a high protein content compared to other any vegetables.

Cereals. The protein content in the products of 10-12%. It is well absorbed, enhances digestion, best to drink as a garnish.

Lentils. Contains little fat and a large amount of fiber. Suitable for people who consume meat products for vegetarians. A Cup of lentils contains 28 grams of protein and only one gram of fat, while there is only 230 calories. In addition it is rich in b vitamins, which are important for the maintenance of a healthy nervous and digestive system.
After reading this article, now you know what foods more protein.

True street is to be noted that the amino acid profile of plant protein is worse than that of animals.