7 foods that will improve your sex life

7 foods that will improve your sex life

Dark chocolate
Reduces the risk of hypertension, which helps men with erection problems. It's all in the component that contains cocoa they contribute to the production of nitric oxide. This substance helps the blood vessels muscle in the penis to relax, improving blood flow, and therefore erection.

One of the oldest aphrodisiacs known to man. Scientists have found that it affects testosterone levels. Add in a Cup of hot water and a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger and drink tea instead.

Will keep your vascular system healthy and provide blood flow to the genital area. Nuts are rich in omega-3, which block cholesterol, and also contain magnesium, zinc, and folic acid.

Pumpkin seeds
Contain zinc is one of the most important nutrients for sexual and reproductive functions. A Dutch study showed that men with the second problem as a result of the combination of zinc and folic acid the number of sperm increased by 74%.

Insufficient amounts of vitamin C in the diet of men can lead to the accumulation of spermatozoa, the so-called agglutination, which inhibits their movement. Blueberries contain a lot of vitamin C – what you need to of sperm.

Contain alkaloid composition, which is also called bufotenine – it acts on the brain, improving mood, boosting self-confidence and libido. Bananas are also rich In b vitamins, and they are very important in the production of sex hormones.

Maintaining a high level of testosterone – the key to sexual health. It is fundamental for the allocation of sperm, erectile and reproductive functions, and regulating desire. Testosterone production depends on the availability of zinc and vitamin B6, which are in abundance contained in the chicken.