Erin Stern

Erin Stern fitness caoch

Date of birth: 5 February 1980
Place of birth: Tampa, FL
Residence: Tampa, FL
Competition weight: 59 kg
Weight misison: 63 kg
Height: 176 cm


Erin stern is a two-time Olympia champion and American fitness model. She was born in a family of athletes - her father was a professional player in football, and his mother ran every day 5 km. From childhood, Erin started seriously riding, and even acted at competitions. University Erin was fond of pentathlon and heptathlon, as well as professionally engaged in the high jump. She lacked a few inches to qualify for the Olympic games.

Act body fitness Erin started in 2008. She won the national championship and received the status of a professional category in IFBB Figure. Act ABOUT Erin started in 2009, and the following year won his first Olympia, defeating Nicole Wilkins. At Olympia 2011, Erin became the second after Nicole Wilkins, and again in 2012 won, then in 2013 again became the second after Nicole. In 2014, Erin completed a competitive career and the epic confrontation with Nicole Wilkins ended.

Now Erin works as a personal trainer and writes books with his training methods.

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