Honey and sport are two very important components of good health. The biological nature of honey and its complex chemical composition causes a huge amount of useful properties — bactericide, diet and health. The ancient Chinese, honey was used for healing of internal organs, increase strength, hardening will, burn fat, preserve youth, and even believed that it can prolong life.

Honey is not only sweet delicacy, but also carbohydrate, which is effectively absorbed in the body. Honey is easily split in the body and enters the system uniformly, thus, the level of glucose in the blood remains constant. You can not say about Sahara.
If sugar use carbohydrate as fuel, the body will experience changes in the level of glucose in the blood, which in turn will cause fatigue, hunger, sugar cravings. And if you use honey or other complex carbohydrates, such will not occur.

During intense training, the body needs to carbohydrates in sufficient quantity. Honey here has to be very helpful, as it significantly increases energy and stamina. The use of honey along with protein foods before and after a workout promotes faster muscle recovery and total energy of tone.

How and how much should be consumed honey before and after exercise ? Honey is the main ingredient of your drink, which is applied 2 hours before and 2 hours after a workout.

Drink recipes OF HONEY

Drink recipes:

Honey with orange juice:
1 teaspoon of honey
50ml. water
200 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
Add honey in a glass of warm water, stir to dissolve honey, then cool and add orange juice.
The energy value of the resulting beverage:
75 kcal, sugar 19 g, carbohydrates 21??., potassium 85 mg.

Honey with lemon juice:
1 teaspoon of honey
50 ml water
30 ml fresh lemon juice
The energy value of the resulting beverage:
60 kcal, sugar 16 gr. carbohydrates 17 gr. potassium 85 mg.
Honey with lemon and orange:
3-tablespoons of honey
Lemon and orange, pour over boiling water, after finely chop revenge with the zest, add honey and stir.
Keep it for two days and refrigerate.

3-teaspoons in a glass of water at a temperature not above 85 degrees.

P. S. Try to substitute in your diet sugar to honey, so you can reduce the amount of food you calories.