What is an abs workout?

What is an abs workout?

ABS workout in cpmpany challenge ABS work abdominal crunches and strengthening the back muscles. The ABS training helps burn fat deposits in the abdomen, disappearance of cellulite, strengthening the press, reduce waist size and a significant reduction in body weight.

Today, more and more professional trainers began to talk about what ABS fitness optimally helps the formation of posture, it is possible in the shortest possible time to create a beautiful figure, make the body flexible and relief.

ABS is a specially designed set of classes, including exercises development of muscles, the execution of the lifts the torso of the prone position, bridges, wall thrust, etc. However, the main goal ?bs workout – strengthening all groups of muscles of the abdominals – upper, lower, oblique. For this process of classes are four main groups of exercises, the right combination of which leads to impressive results:abs for women in St. Petersburg

  • Work body on the stationary legs;
  • Running feet, and the body remains stationary;
  •  Work body and legs cross;
  • Work body and legs at the same time.

ABS translated to English means "the muscles of the abdominals and ABS workout, do primarily focuses on them, thighs, lower back and buttocks are involved in the process of carrying out occupations just because they create a static load on the press.

Doing ABS workout, You will certainly:

  • Strengthen the press;
  • Burn excess fat;
  • Remove cellulite;
  • Reduce the waistline;
  • Increase your stamina;
  • Improve your mood.

ABS workout in no case can not lead to injuries or any injury: held under the strict supervision of an experienced instructor, they favourably affect the whole body, not create him to excessive load, normalize hormonal background.